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Inspired by the 80's iconic Rubik's Cube, orginally called the Magic Cube.

A smile always light up people's faces when they catch a glimsp of this piece in our showroom.


Inevitably their hand reaches out and not able to contain their excitement of seeing an old friend, they are spinning each tier while laughing and giggling, enjoying a magical moment that brings back memories of many hours of fun. (or frustration for many of us!)

As of 2009, 350 million cubes had been sold worldwide.

This is definitely a conversational piece, each individual tile is hand crafted and finished with a high gloss coating.


"I designed and made this piece with lots of love, created to compliment and echo the wonderful beauty of chantilly lace."

-Francesco Giampietro, Designer

The Chantilly Lace Chest is a bespoke lingerie chest inspired by the sensuality and intricacies of lace.

Crafted in 3D texture with mesmerizing details, like real handmade lace from France, gentle and delicate to the touch.


A journey into the African wild with Chestnut Grove’s Cheetah inspired console cabinet.

A luxurious contemporary curated piece that is chic and functional. A homage to the masterful and powerful Cheetah, Designer Francesco Giampietro takes the beautiful array of spots and patterns found on these fast cats and shrouds the four sides of the console in their unique pattern only found in nature. The natural maple wood simulates the soft blonde fur of the cheetah, and the rich brown and black spots are carefully carved into the wood surface. Within the spots the face of the cheetah reveals itself as its eyes have you in its stare.

Like the Cheetah, this magnificent piece has a commanding presence in the room; bold, elegant, and alive are the words to describe the CHITA console’s attributes. It effortlessly adds style and character to your décor as a focal point.

A Distinctive Writing Desk - Inspired By Spheres

Motivated by spheres this distinctive writing desk is a three dimensional sculpture that is fully functional and brings a physical experience with the graceful and evolving arches that transform into spheres. 

The high gloss white is accented by two shades of  blue. The light and dark blue metallic automotive paints convey contrast, drama and sparkle for a chic effect. 

The drawers are traditional, built on wooden slides for a true classic furniture feel. The interior of the drawers are finished in a matching blue high gloss paint. For a truly luxurious feel, the mouse pad and drawers bottoms are finished with a  hand laid leather lining.

It's a Bird...It's a Plane...

It's a Rocket Ship!

This eclectic side table is inspired by our fascination with rocket ships.

Historically mankind has always dreamed and wondered what is out there beyond our planet in the vast galaxy.  Space travel and exploration is intriguing for many of us.

With the imagination and passion of Sir Richard Branson and Elon Musk, perhaps one day in the near future, exploring other planets will become a reality.